Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay Therapy is a ‘hands on’ method that can be used as an adjunct to traditional talk therapies. Sandplay was developed by Dora Kalff (1904-1990) who combined Margaret Lowenfield’s “World Technique” and the depth psychology of C.G.Jung.

Our current culture tends to privilege rational thought and superficial exploration. As a contrast to rational thought sandplay can provide a space to play and connect with our own inner symbolic world and help us to access other parts of ourselves. A basic premise of sandplay is the belief that psyche possesses a natural tendency to heal itself, given the right conditions. Therefore the aim of sandplay is to provide a free and protected space where the tray, sand, water and miniature objects can be used expressively, limited only by our imagination. Within a sandplay experience symbols emerge overtime which can be explored through personal, cultural and mythic lenses, creating and deepening our relationship to both our conscious and unconscious worlds.