Individual Therapy

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being but by integration of the contraries” C.G.Jung

I specialize in Jungian Psychotherapy, an approach based on the work of Carl Jung ( & many Post Jungians’ since. Jungian Psychotherapy sees the main psychological task of life is ‘individuation’, a process of getting to know both our conscious and less known or emerging (ie unconscious) parts of ourselves. People come to see me for a variety of reasons, the issues people bring may include depression; anxiety; grief and loss; the impact of previous traumatic experiences; life transitions or seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves. I have a special interest in the impact of relational trauma including sexual assault; pregnancy, birth and the transition into parenthood.

I provide a space to reflect on what is important to you. This may include current issues you are dealing with or previous experiences in your life that you feel continue to impact you and your relationships today. My style is collaborative, where together, within the safety of the therapeutic relationship; we can deepen your understanding of yourself, strengthen your ways of managing and make sense of the challenges within life’s rich tapestry.

I offer both counseling and psychotherapy. Counselling is traditionally shorter term and may focus on particular issues / goals whereas psychotherapy is typically longer term and can involve weekly or twice weekly sessions allowing for greater depth and exploration.